20 Modern Dining Room Sets Ideas

20 Modern Dining Room Sets Ideas – The dining room is not only used as a place to eat, but also often used as a non-formal gathering place. If there are guests or friends come to visit, surely you do not forget to serve snacks so no wonder if sometimes the dining room is also used as a reception room as well. By definition the dining room is a space used either as a kitchen or a place to eat. The architecture of a modern house usually has an open space area that combines living room, kitchen and dining room. The modern open-concept dining room design is very appealing to many people as it provides a good opportunity to entertain guests while cooking dinner, keeping an eye on the children and homeowners can freely chat while serving food.

Currently the dining room you can make a place to entertain guests with food you have prepared. And based on that reason, the dining room is almost the same as the living room. That shows the other side of the interior design of your home. This one room does not require a lot of furniture and also many accessories, depending on the design theme you choose. And for the theme of luxury interior design, dining room to be the best room to make it happen. The dining room with a modern, functional design depends from the application of building materials for decorating the room. Among them, floor, wall paint, lighting, furniture and extra trinkets.

  • Lighting

The modern decor is also influenced by the lighting system. In addition to providing adequate lighting, homeowners can beautify the room with a chandelier that idea or in accordance with the concept and size of the room. Can also place modern lighting fixtures such as candlesticks to make the living space more beautiful.

  • Floor

Strong flooring material that supports the dining table and durable will provide comfort in the dining room, especially the house that there is a small child. Several types of modern flooring materials can be selected such as ceramics, laminate and wood.

  • Furniture

Chairs and dining tables are the main points in the dining room. To be less formal, choose a unique and simple table and chair shape. Choose multi functional furniture such as a folding dining table to maximize narrow space or save space.

  • Paint color

Next, note the paint combination on the wall. Try to choose a light and soft colors such as pastel colors. The goal, to provide comfort in eating food and gathered with family. The paint colors are bright and supported by good lighting will make the room memorable more spacious. In addition to light colors, there is no harm in applying the darker color as a combination to add elegance.

  • Room Trinkets

In the middle of the dining table can also be decorated with vases to give an attractive color. Also add some decorations that can strengthen the modern impression such as family photos, artwork, paintings, or wallpaper.

The interior of a modern dining room generally uses a combination of unique, fresh, and bold textures, shapes and colors. Plus the use of multi functional furniture can save space usage, even budget. The dining room Pu will look unique and creative. Make your dining area more beautiful with the look of a modern interior design and beautiful interior inspiration as the interior design of the dining room below.