18 Amazing Painted Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

18 Amazing Painted Kitchen Cabinets Ideas – If you have a cabinet seat in the kitchen in a broken condition, for example the paint is faded, and some parts of the handle have been broken, but still usable. You do not have to rush to buy a new set of cubes, especially if you do not have the budget to buy them. Imagine if the price of cabinet set worth millions of rupiah. It only takes you 2 days to complete your cabinet to be new. If you manage to do it, you can save budget to buy new cabinets. I’m sure you can easily do it like a professional carpenter. Please see the following explanation on how to paint kitchen cabinet, easy and need accuracy and patience doing it. Read more 26 Best Kitchen Storage Cabinets

  1. You need to prepare the tools and materials that are easily available in the building materials stores around you. Some of the necessary tools include a 2.5 inch and a 1.5 inch brush, screwdriver, scrap, hammer or hammer, rather soft wooden sandpaper (use sandpaper number 100). While some materials that need to be prepared are finishing paint such as wood filler (wood filler), plitur, wood paint, thinned with the best quality, varnish.
  2. For cabinets located on the kitchen table, usually removable. Therefore, release and lower the cabinet slowly, empty the contents first. However, if the cabinet is too large in size, it does not need to be lowered, but the kitchen table is smoothly dialed with old newspapers, attached with insulation so that the paint does not drip onto the surface of the tile. While the cabinet is located under or next to the kitchen table does not need to be moved.
  3. Check first some broken handles, remove with a screwdriver. this includes removing all key handles and metal ornaments attached to the cabinet door except hinges. This is done so you can paint freely without worrying about the handle. So produced a perfect and even painting.
  4. Check some parts of the cabinet wall, perhaps there is a hollow part. If you find a part of a hollow cabinet wall, patch it with a wooden putty, use a scrap from an elastic plate. And let it dry. Clean and puree the entire surface of the cabinet wall with sandpaper, while eliminating some parts of paint that are still attached. Use a mask to avoid dust.
  5. Now it’s time you paint the entire surface of the cabinet wall. The thing to note is: if your cabinet was previously painted with wood, paint, then repainting should also use wood paint. Meanwhile, if the basic color of the cabinet is polite (shellac), then do repainting with polite as well. This is done to produce a good painting, because it is made of the same material. Regardless of whether you want to change the color, then it does not matter.
  6. Open the tin cover with a screwdriver or scrap. Stir is using small pieces of wood to make all the paint mix and no sediment. Mix with thinner for wood, paint. As for the plitur, use the spirits to dilute it. Take a brush and apply on the surface of the cabinet wall with the direction of obeying the groove or wood fiber. This will result in a good painting.
  7. If all parts of the cabinet have been painted, allow to dry for several hours. Then do repainting until blended and not seen paint color “shadow”. Allow the paint to dry, then adjust the handle and the cabinet lock. Replace the handle with a new one with the same type. Or you can replace it with a different handle. However, this should be noted the size of the same hole. If not, you must create a new hole by drilling it first and closing the old hole.
  8. Attach and put the cabinet back to its original position neatly. Your “new” cabinet is ready for reuse. Perform cleaning of paint marks on the floor or kitchen counters as part of your work perfection.

How to paint the kitchen cabinet requires precision, patience is high enough. Because not everyone can “play” a paintbrush as smart as a professional painter. Like playing badminton with the ability to play a racket. Please try the trick above, hopefully useful.


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