17 Elegant Dining Room Colors Inspiration Ideas

17 Elegant Dining Room Colors Inspiration Ideas – Modern houses now more extend the function of the kitchen in addition to serve as a place to process food alone, the house is minimalist design is generally to make the room look more spacious, applied an open plan strategy or unite the room like a kitchen with dining room to save more places. With so need to think about the interior of a minimalist home kitchen more comfortable, so that family members can enjoy the special moments when eating together while talking.

Choosing a wall paint color based on the extent of the room
In the kitchen on a minimalist home design that has a limited size, it’s good to avoid dark colors so that the room does not look narrower and gloomy. In contrast the color is too bright is also not good for this narrow space, because it will make the atmosphere so much heavier. Soft pastel colors can be options such as light brown or cream warrants. The application of suitable colors can make the dining room a comfortable place, not only that the colors used in the dining room can give a touch of a pleasant beauty. Here are some color options and the impression when applied in the dining room:

Warm colors like red, orange and yellow just when applied to the formal dining room. From a psychological point of view, these colors help trigger appetite so it is appropriate for a place where the main purpose is to entertain the guests. In order for your guests to linger at the dinner table, choose warm colors that are darker like gold or ivory, mature orange, terracotta, grape purple, burgundy, and grayish red. These colors are able to trigger appetite, thus making the guests feel at home sitting with a chat.

Be careful when using the light version of warm colors, especially bright yellow and bright orange, because these colors will make people tend to eat faster. No wonder if these colors are often used in fast food restaurants. Ideally, you should use bright, warm colors as an accent only in the dining room instead of the wall. Blue may be the favorite color of many people in decorating the room, but you should avoid this color for the dining room. Blue color tends to suppress appetite so that the atmosphere becomes less exciting meal. The following colors for your dining room may inspire your meal.