15 Best Dining Room Table Sets Ideas

15 Best Dining Room Table Sets Ideas – The dining room is one of the vital areas in a dwelling. Although your home is minimalist style, but still try to keep their dining room inside. Because not only serves as a place to eat dishes, dining room is also often a gathering area with the family. The arena is important to design a dining room wall in order to create a comfortable atmosphere. The problem with the limited space size sometimes to put the table, we just have trouble. In addition to the family room, telling of all day activities can be shared with the family while dining at the dinner table. A dining table of the right size and a good model can add to the comfort of each family member to eat and talk for long in the dining room.

But do not worry, you can still change the small dining room to look charming. The key is right in choosing and setting the dining table. No need to be confused determine the appropriate table model for your dining room, as we have collected a table model that you can choose for your dining room.

  • Shades of elegant chocolate

Always managed to create a natural and neat impression. Not just the color that makes this dining table set deserve to be called elegant, but the form of a simple table and chairs to eat more and more beauty.

  • The minimalist dining table is still the main choice for most people

This table set looks modern with a choice of table legs carved horizontal lines that increasingly affirms the minimalist accent.

  • A fine iron dining table is an option for those who love durable and durable furniture

This table is sturdy because it is supported by four legs of a table made of iron. In addition, the table also looks more attractive with a choice of glass material for his desk.

  • Small dining table

you can make choices for a dining room that size is not too broadIn addition to saving space, a simple shape will produce an adorable impression. In addition, do not forget, select a matching color with other furniture in the dining room for the kitchen look more tidy.

Is a table placed in the middle of the kitchen, where all the sides are open without being attached to the corner. Kitchen island lets you cook while family members taste your cuisine. Warmth in the family will be more entwined at this table.

  • Minibar classic minimalist style is a multi functional minibar

Not only serves as a place to eat, but also can be used as cabinet storage, kitchen utensils and make your kitchen set look more attractive.

  • A folding dining table can be a solution for a small dining room

Because space constraints should not be a barrier for you to have enough tables for the whole family. Folding table like picture below you can make a choice.

  • The minimalist wooden dining table is usually identical with neutral colors such as black or white

But it could not hurt to try different colors for your dining room. Red color that can arouse this appetite you can make a choice.

  • A touch of Scandinavian on the dining table can sweeten your dining room

Actually the selected table set is a regular wooden table. But the Scandinavian-style ornaments such as monochrome tablecloths and patterned pillow was successfully beautify the look of the dining table.

  • Atmosphere cozy cafe style you can apply to the dining room in your home

By choosing a table set model like the picture below, no need to have to leave the house, you can feel the sensation of eating at a pretty cafe every day.

  • Cool and cool natural nuances

you can bring into the house with the decor of the dining room like this. The choice of wood tables will increase the appetite of each family member.

  • Dining tables and chairs in the corner can save space

This arrangement is suitable for you who still live alone or family with family members that are not too many. Because, placing a table with a position like this is only enough for 2 to 3 people.

  • Antique with vintage feel

Are you a shabby-chic-style lover who is currently popular with women? This choice of table and tablecloth took you in the 80s. Kitchen cabinets filled with ceramic flowers also increasingly beautify the dining room.

  • Drawers on the side

Of the table like this will make your desk look neater without having any cutlery on it. You simply pull out the side, and the cutlery is ready for use. This little innovation helps to increase comfort while eating.

  • Japanese dining table set

Not only because it saves space, the Japanese minimalist table is worth your choice for a dining table with a unique shape. To be more comfortable, add a padded pad on the seat. The following dining table sets, Hope can be a reference material for your dining room.